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Adjustable iPad Stands - Floor Stands

Height Adjustable Tablet Stands Offer Versatility to Retailers & Residential Users Alike

These iPad stands are height adjustable for users to adjust the tablet to proper viewing levels depending on the setting. Many also feature tilting and rotating brackets to adjust the viewing angle and orientation of the screen. The benefit of using an adjustable iPad stand is that it can be placed in a variety of different settings and changed based on the need. This feature allows you to use the iPad behind the register and out of the customer's line of sight. Some of the adjustments on these stands are so easy that they can be done on the fly so customers or trade show booth visitors can adjust on the spot. When using iPad stands in a high prominence area, it's important that it's easy for everyone to access and comfortably view the iPad. A ten year old isn't going to be able to see a tablet if it's set up for being viewed by full grown adults.

So what are some of the differences between various height adjustable stands? The major difference is the style of height adjustability. The most common model is the "rod and screw" style. Simply twist the screw clamp loose and slide the shaft up or down to the desired height. The other stands feature a more "permanent" setup. Users must use a screw driver to loosen the clamps, adjust the height, and then retighten the screws to secure it in place. What are some other stand out features offered with these versatile kiosks? Many enclosures give retailers the option of leaving the home button exposed or covered. By covering the home button, the tablet can be locked to a specific setting to prevent tampering. Some stands also come with a Kensington lock to fasten the stand to another object, ensuring it doesn't get stolen.

Some of these stands go as low as 30", so they can also be used on low countertops or small display tables. If a tablet is being display on a raised surface, it can be displayed low enough for people to still access and view it. Adjustable height also increases the reuse value. The display can be adjusted if you end up needing to use it in a completely different setting.

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