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iPad Mini Floor Stands - Fixed & Height Adjustable

iPad Mini Kiosks Improve Customer Engagement & Interaction with Merchandise

Many store owners often have difficulty getting customers more engaged and spending more time in retail stores. Many retailers are turning to iPads and using creative methods to present customers with an interactive experience. iPad Mini floor stands can be set up as a kiosk or checkout stand anywhere and give store owners a secure way to display iPads. Different apps are available for tablets to take advantage of for a store setting!

Do something as simple as using an iPad mini kiosk to set up a gallery of photos for customers to browse. Own a tattoo shop? Instead of putting images in a book or album, put artists' work on an iPad. Photos can be uploaded and added to the slideshow minutes after the picture is taken. Also play interactive videos to show customers what a product or service is used for. Delis and take out restaurants can actually set up tablets to take orders for customers and avoid lengthy lines. Grocery store delis can set up an iPad to take a customer's order and then allow them to browse and do the rest of their shopping instead of waiting in line. In a streamlined world, tablet stands are a great solution for businesses like grocers and retailers to stay ahead of the curve.

Not only can kiosks be used as a digital interactive station for customers, they can also be used as checkout counters. Many apps are available that act as checkout register and allow customers to swipe their card and sign directly on the tablet! The rotating enclosures allow cashiers to swipe the card and then swivel the kiosk around for customers to sign for their finger or specialized pen.

What are some features available in this product line?
  • Height Adjustable - Many iPad Mini floor stands can be adjusted to various heights.
  • Locking Enclosures - With a floor kiosk, it's important to know that you can leave it unattended without the threat of robbery or theft. Many enclosures lock (some even feature dual locks) to prevent tablets from being taken.
  • Rotating Enclosure - Easily change the orientation from landscape to portrait with 360 degree rotation.
  • Optional Home Button Cover - Retailers can choose to cover the home button so users are forced to look at a certain app or program. This prevents people from accessing content you don't want them.

Beyond the practical uses found in business, many other mini tablet owners find creative ways to use floor stands. Giving a speech? Use this stand as a podium and keep your notes and slides directly in front of you. This doubles for office presentations. Sync the iPad Mini to the projector to be completely in tune with your presentation. Own a busy business with huge lines? Place kiosks throughout the queue for customers to watch video content, shows or even movies! They'll definitely appreciate it. Use these stands residentially as well. Place them in the kitchen to look at recipes while cooking, or next to the bed to read or watch shows before falling asleep.

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