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iPad Mini Enclosures - Locking & Non-Locking

iPad Mini Countertop Holders Make Effective Checkout Stations

Being on the cutting edge of technology in business is important for acquiring new customers. By setting up checkout stations with an ipad mini enclosure customers will be able to quickly and efficiently pay, employees will have an easier time managing the register, and your books will be more organized. The simplicity and smaller size of an iPad mini compared to a clunky old cash register is very beneficial to any type of business. Save valuable counter space by using an iPad Mini holder. Many models also feature docks that can be taken out, so employees can grab the iPad and work on the fly, or owners can bring their tablets home with them every night.

For customers concerned about theft and tampering, many of these iPad Mini enclosures offer features to help prevent these things from happening. Some models can actually be bolted directly to a countertop or table and feature keyed locks so the tablet will remain safely inside. Worried about people accessing portions of the tablet you don't want them to see? Choose an enclosure that will keep the home button covered up so no one can touch it. By covering the home button, users can lock the screen to a specific app, picture or video that they want to be viewed by customers.

Many of these fixtures can also be rotated, turned and twisted to be visible from different angles. When used as a cash register, employees can ring up transactions and then rotate the screen towards the customer to sign and pay. Other businesses simply use them as a means of keeping guests occupied while they are browsing through a store or sitting in a waiting room. Bars will often put iPads on tables so guests can order drinks & play games to entertain themselves! Also use iPad Minis to promote your own products. Play slideshows of menu items or outfits to give people a visual aid and get them more intrigued.

Looking for something a little more residential? Some displays feature a handle that can be used to carry the Mini or hang it on the wall and turn it into a wall mounted display. The handles also work as a prop to position the iPad holder at the ideal viewing angle. Leather enclosures and folio feature a slim design that can also be folded up to prop the iPad up to watch movies and games. Equip employees with handheld and countertop combo cases so they can assist customers and look up information on the spot.

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