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iPad Mini Wall Mount Enclosures

iPad Mini Mounts Affix to Walls For Point of Purchase Stands & Information Kiosks

Trying to figure out how to effectively utilize iPad Minis for your business? Marketers and merchandisers have been turning to iPad Mini wall mounts to set up kiosks, checkout stations and informational booths. Use locking brackets in common areas like waiting rooms and lobbies to entertain guests while they wait. iPad Mini mounts also help conserve floor space in crowded areas. Some displays feature extendable arms, making it easy to maneuver the iPad while it is still secured directly to the wall.

iPads and tablets are becoming more and more popularly used in stores, restaurants and businesses. They allow businesses to play slideshows, checkout customers from anywhere or collect information from customers. With the use of credit card readers growing, having an effective wall mount bracket is important for any business. By placing a bracket right next to the checkout station, the checkout station is completely streamlined. Diners and fast food places can greatly benefit from shorter and more efficient lines, in turn making room for more customers to enter and free up employees to complete other tasks.

Where are iPad Mini mounts and brackets often used?
  • Retail stores- Informational stands are helpful to people looking to make a purchase and a great way to engage new buyers.
  • Restaurants - Checkout stations with iPad Minis make it an easier for employees to manage bills and receipts.
  • Trade shows -Having an interactive stand will allow potential clients to enter information into the iPad and you can collect names and numbers instantly.

Getting customers engaged with tablets will keep them interested, and hopefully they will hang around your store (and hopefully end up buying something). Other creative ideas include selling ad space on a slideshow and showing it to guests. The options are limitless! Try different strategies and track your results to maximize the customer experience...and profit! An effectively placed iPad Mini wall mount is a often a huge hit with customers. Doctors and dentists have also been implementing the use of displays in their offices to occupy guests as they wait. Play videos, movies or simply allow patients to browse the internet. Little touches around the office, like allow guests to use an iPad mini, can really go a long way for a practice's reputation.

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