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iPad Air Wall Mounts - Hanging POS Fixtures

iPad Air Wall Mounts Can Be Used as Checkout or Informational Stations

Using tablets in retail is an effective marketing tool, yet often difficult to implement. iPad air wall mounts are a great way to effectively use tablets while still conserving floor space. These displays can be used as checkout counters or informational "booths" where customers can research stuff about products and services offered. What better way to engage customers than to show an awesome video of what a product or service can do? Face-to-face interaction is great for engaging customers, but visual content is always the most effective way to sell a product.

The days of the cash register are behind us. Many companies are now utilizing tablets to accept orders. By using wall mounts for iPad Airs, restaurants and stores alike can have customers punch in orders that are placed instantly to have employees grab them. The marketing possibilities are endless. Grills at cafeterias are delicious, but often have clunky ordering systems that take forever and can get orders mixed up. By using a tablet wall mount, hungry customers can place their completely customized order and a grill slip will instantly be printed and put in the queue. Talk about efficiency. Also mount these displays in conference room to post schedules and put up notices of occupied/versus available.

Wall tablet holders are great for residential use as well. Many of these iPad air holders are multi-purpose and can be used for wall mount, countertop or handheld. Hang up the iPad to watch Netflix or look at recipes while working in the kitchen. Once finished, take the handheld display on the go to browse the internet on the couch or do some reading in bed. The versatility of these holders makes them ideal for home use.

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