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Restaurant Aprons Including Bib and Waist Tie Backs

Multiple Types of Restaurant Aprons for Servers and Chefs

Restaurant Apron

Restaurant aprons are popular not only with restaurants but also bars, bistros, diners and cafes. Garments are commonly worn in the food industry to preserve the integrity of an employee's uniform and to store items like pens and restaurant check presenters. Many food service industries also require that employees that handle food wear a smock or bib to improve cleanliness. Black and white aprons comfortably pair with most all restaurant uniforms. Different lengths and styles are available to work well for different settings. Longer aprons are ideal for chefs and people constantly handling food while the short aprons are perfect for waiters and waitresses because they provide just enough storage need to carry extra silverware and bill presenters.

A polyester/cotton blend is most likely to be used for all purpose aprons. Blends can be made up of 20% cotton for a soft feel and able to absorb and 80% polyester for a durable, long lasting cover up. The blend is a lighter comfortable wear, so employees will not be distracted by an irritating skirt. These aprons are machine washable making it easy to use and reuse in the fast paced restaurant industry.

Food Service Apron
    What styles of restaurant aprons are available?
  • Bistro style aprons are ideal for professional attire
  • 1/2 length for cafe baristas
  • Bib apron for grilling, professional chef's and residential use
  • Different styles are available with single or multiple pockets

The bib aprons waist string length is fit for extra slack when needed and made with a strong polyester/cotton blend for usability. The pockets on the apron uniforms have all types of sizes to fit anything from writing and cook utensils to tablets for taking orders or communicating with employees. Pockets can span the entire width of the apron supporting multiple items for organization.

Restaurant Garment

Displays2go is the top online provider for restaurant supplies including server aprons, buffet servers and catering equipment. The best way to stay clean and uniform in the food industry is to wear the proper attire to best suit your needs with customers. Full and waist aprons are available in black or white and full aprons can also come with the optional neck adjustable strap. Remember that every soft restaurant apron has a purpose for what you need on a daily basis.

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