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Pegboard Spinner Racks with Round Bases

Using pegboard in a retail setting is an effective way for marketers and professional designers to manage product displays. Stands, gondolas, and countertop spinner racks are all effective merchandising tools that are fully customizable. From different style stands to different style peg hooks, users will have plenty of different options to meet their specific needs.

Three different styles of pegboard setups are available. Store owners can set up their entire floor layout to be pegboard compatible. Peg fixtures are popularly used in department stores to display tools, electronic stores to display items in security cases and convenience stores to display bagged snacks. Gondola shelving is pegboard compatible and many fixtures also include shelves already. This creates an abundance of storage in a small area.

Pegboard hooks vary in both length, color, style and function. Simple hooks are available to display standard merchandise. Places like electronic stores often prefer to use the security hooks. These displays are anchored the same way, but the end of the hooks is an enclosed so customers cannot remove any items without the assistance of an employee. The display also locks to the pegboard so people will not be also able to steal the hook with all the products attached. Security hooks are one of the most effective methods out there for display a large selection of products without having to keep them behind the sales counter. Standard hooks can be purchased in bulk to make large scale retail setups.

Peg Hook Racks- Magnetic

Rotating kiosks are great for boutiques, souvenir shops and greeting card stores. Any place that often sells small items will greatly benefit from the use of spinning stands. Customers can browse a larger selection of items when they are able to stand in one location and plod through a variety of different items. These stands are popularly used with items like keychains and postcards. Accessorize different length hooks to display more products.

With so much flexibility, it's easy to incorporate pegboards into any retail setting. Gondolas and floor stands are larger fixtures that help display lots of merchandise in a small amount of space. Spinning stands are great to place near checkout stands to sell smaller, point of purchase items. All of these stands can be customized with different style peg hooks. Mix and match to find the ideal set up for your retail store today.

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