Hand Sanitizer Holders & Stands

Be Prepared for Flu Season and Take Preventive Measures Against Diseases Like Ebola

These hand sanitizer cases are a great way to get any business prepared for flu season. With emerging virus diseases like Ebola, it's important to make customers feel like they are in a sanitary establishment to ease their fears and concerns. Businesses can set up sanitizer, like Purell, anywhere to encourage healthy habits amongst both customers and employees. Seeing hand sanitizer is places like restaurants often makes customers feel more reassured and about the level of sanitation.

Floor standing sanitizer displays are versatile and can be displayed absolutely anywhere. The sign holder allows people to put health safety messages up, advertise some products, or sell advertising space. The 11 x 17 snap open frame makes it easy to change new signage in and out. The pole also allows for additional signage or displays to be attached. The touch free design is 100% sanitary. These stands are popularly used commercially in restaurants, shopping malls and department stores. Hand sanitizer is ideal for any area with high foot traffic.

The acrylic cases double as both a wall mount or countertop display. The back opening features brackets so the case can easily be wall mounted to any surface. These cases are designed for standard bottles that are commonly used both residentially and commercially. Use these cases for employees and keep them by registers, sinks and check-in/check-out clocks. The presence of a case will also help prevent theft. While hand sanitizer isn't incredibly expensive, costs will add up quickly if people are continually stealing bottles.

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