Hand Sanitizer Stands and Dispensers for Better Hygiene in the Workplace

Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand with Touch-Free Dispensing

Offer Preventive Measures Against the Spread of Germs with Hand Sanitizer Stands

Visitors and students alike appreciate the gesture of promoting a more hygienic environment. Our hand sanitizer stands are conducive to maintaining better health, especially in public spaces. Placing these touch-free dispensers in restaurants, supermarkets, and lobbies tells patrons you're making an effort towards a more sanitary environment. Hand sanitizer stands also encourage healthier habits during the cold and flu season. While no measure is 100% effective in preventing illness, disinfecting hands can make a big difference in the long run. Purell® gel, for example, kills 99.9% of the most common cold and flu germs. This alone provides ample protection in the ongoing war against spreading harmful bacteria.

What are the main features of these sanitizing stations?
  • Hand sanitizer stands are available in floor-standing, counter, and wall mount models.
  • Choose a station that dispenses either gel, foam, or wipes.
  • Most models do not come with the disinfectant fluid. Our displays are compatible with 8 and 12 oz. hand pumps or the Purell® TFX touch-free gel/foam dispenser.
  • The stands that accept containers with wipes come with adjustable features, like interior spring-loaded systems for accommodating cans of different sizes.
  • We sell stands manufactured from extruded aluminum, acrylic, and real wood. This provides business owners with options to find the best choice and fit for their interior decor.
  • Additional accessories include stanchion toppers, sign holders, and wastebaskets.

Providing peace of mind for clients, students, and visitors is just another way for schools and businesses to be proactive. Reasons to use sanitizers provide reassurance to the general public. Maintain a cleaner environment in your establishment by installing preventatives in high-traffic areas. They'll thank you for it!

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