Tabletop Write-on Signs with Erasable Marker Functionality

Tabletop Signs - Wet Erase Boards for Restaurants & Storefronts

Tabletop write-on signs are great for informing walk-in customers of specials and on-sale products. Small wet-erase boards are popular to use as menu boards as well. Grocery stores use small signage for displaying the different types of drinks, foods and specials. The write-on signage has erasable boards that can easily wipe liquid chalk markings off using a wet towel with no streaking. The small writing boards are available in many different sizes and feature different types of bases to accommodate any event or business setting.

What type of industries could benefit from countertop wet-erase boards?

  • Restaurants, bars & cafes use these stands for new food and beverage specials.
  • Front desks for theaters, offices and other professions can use the signage to inform viewers of simple instructions or directions to help customers.
  • Erasable boards are popular for table numbers at weddings and events.
  • Some write-on boards are height adjustable so that you can use it for tabletop or floor standing applications.

tabletop write-on signs

Companies at trade shows and retail merchants use wipe surface table signs to display a call to action, which can give a potential buyer incentive to purchase on the spot. Business owners like handwritten messages for a fast and convenient way to present information. Some other stands great for meat markets and pricing displays are write-on boards with number kits to easily display pricing for products. The sharp white numbers on the blackboard stands out creating a simple reading environment for any customer. Frameless boards as well as different colored borders are available with different thicknesses and stands. With so many different types of products it is simple to find the writable stand you are looking for. Be sure to purchase wet-erase markers to complete your custom signage toolkit!

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