Clear, Fillable Stanchions - Custom Graphics & Unique Accessories

Clear & Fillable Stanchions w/ Custom Graphics

Clear stanchions are a unique new product that businesses are using in some very creative ways. These stanchions have a clear post which are can be filled with graphics or unique accessories. How are people using these stanchions. A dentist office in Alabama filled them with toothbrushes and floss. Who says crowd control has to be boring? By filling up stanchions with creative items it's easy to keep people engaged and intrigued while waiting. Own a candy store? Fill these stanchions with candies that are available at the counter to get customers to subconsciouscly make an additional purchase before checking out. Every single store fixture is a great marketing opportunity, and stanchions are no exception!

Create custom graphics to put into these posts as well. Concert venues can actually sell these posts as advertising space for vendors and sponsors. Stanchions are a greay way to increase exposure because they are often used for lines that every person has to pass through. This ensures that any brand, logo or ad will not be missed and can be exposed to thousands of people. These clear and fillable stanchions are a great marketing opportunity for any business, don't miss out!

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