Retractable Receiver Posts/Wall Mounts

Retractacle Stanchion Posts - Different Types & Colors Available

Receiver posts and wall mounts are a great way to add to any current stanchion setup. Wall mounts are popularly used in a wide variety of settings to complete a line and prohibit access to service and employee only areas. Wall mount stanchion posts are also a great way to conserve space. The belts will retract directly back into the wall, conserving floor space when there's no need to control the line.

Extra receiver posts are great to have lying around, especially for busy settings like movie theaters and coffee shops. Managers will never know when they need to set up an extra line to improve the traffic flow. Posts also allow owners to buy different color belts that can be changed out seasonally to signify different holidays and special events. Combine red, white and blue belts for the 4th of July, or orange and green belts for St. Patrick's Day. These accessories ensure that your business is never short on crowd control supplies.

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