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Tensabarrier Post & Rope Displays

Tensabarrier Post & Rope Stachions In Chrome or Brass

Tensabarrier is an incredibly popular brand in the stanchion industry. These reliable post and rope systems are popularly used in upscale settings including luxury hotels restaurants and banks. You may have noticed these barriers the last time you valet parked your car or waited in at the checkout of an upscale clothing store. Every business has a need for stanchions, and with Tensabarrier post and rope systems it is easy to upgrade and set up and add a luxurious appeal to any setting.

Post and ropes provide several advantages over retractable belt systems. Ropes are much more durable, since they clip on to posts with a carabiner instead of being constantly rolled and unrolled. Retractable belts can also constantly be stretched and strained, while velvet ropes will remain at a static length. As previously mentioned, post and ropes are also more luxurious and provide a much more sophisticated look. Improve your business today by adding Tensabarrier post and rope displays.

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