Trade Show Giveaways - Pens, Water Bottles & Hand Sanitizer

Enhance Your Brand with Custom Graphic Trade Show Giveaway and Promotional Items

Promotional Items

While your booth is the key to success at any trade show, there are many small little touches you can put in place to take it to the next level. By using trade show giveaways brands can leave a lasting impression on booth visitors. Tote bags, pens, sports bottles and tumblers are great tools that are affordable and easy to give away. By using promotional items, you are encouraging people to visit for free stuff and you're also giving away stuff that people will use in their every day lives with your brand's logo on it. The two-fold benefit is great for exposure and increasing business.

What types of promotional products offer different benefits?
  • Trade Show Pens - Writing utensils are an extremely useful giveaway. Many people often exchange contact information or enter contests at trade shows, so it's effective to personalize pens and give them out for free. Marketing to potential clients is simple when you have items to give away.
  • Tote Bags - Many trade show visitors typically collect a ton of packets, pamphlets and informational brochures. Custom tote bags help people carry around all the extra stuff that they are getting while making it easy to carry more. Meanwhile, people at the trade show will be carrying around a bag with your company's name on it, prompting more people to visit your booth and get one for themselves! Every booth visitor is an entirely new opportunity to engage a potential client.
  • Tumblers- Available in multiple colors, tumblers are an incredibly popular freebie. These drink holders can be used anywhere and taken on the go, so people love getting the extra drinkware. Once word spreads that your booth is giving away free tumblers, you'll certainly see an influx of foot traffic.
  • Hand Sanitizer Clips- Trade shows can be a germaphobe's nightmare. That's where free sanitizer comes in handy (pun intended). These clips come with a carabiner that can be attached directly to a backpack or trade show bag.
  • BPA Free Sports Water Bottle - Sport water bottles are just as good for freebies as the tumblers. People love collecting drinkware and it's always great to have extra available. Custom sport bottles that are also BPA free shows that a brand is dedicated to fitness and health.

By utilizing freebies and giveaways at a trade show booth, it's easy to get more customers engaged. By using custom graphics, take branding a step further by having a logo or slogan follow visitors everywhere they go. Personalized items are excellent advertising opportunities that follow customers everywhere they go. Browse our entire promotional products collection to deck out any booth with logo-laden freebies!

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