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Training Room Tables for Schools & Conference Rooms

Training Room & Classroom Tables

Training Room Tables

Why are training tables so popular with schools and businesses? Convenience, for one! Fixed and flip top tables are easy to maneuver and store. With four locking casters on some models, you can easily push around the tables to rearrange any classroom layout. These school tables are so simple to move around that classrooms can be rearranged on a daily basis! Line flip top classroom tables in rows when teaching, but have students push them around and set up a circle when doing group activities and presentations. That's what also makes these training room tables so popular for board rooms. Seating arrangements can easily be adjusted based on the number of people so there aren't four people meeting together in a configuration set up for 20.

Another reason these classroom tables are so popular? Many models feature innovative dry erase surfaces. These whiteboard tables are great for collaborative learning or group activities. The simple design makes taking notes or illustrating complicated concepts easy because you can write right on their top surfaces with dry erase markers! When done, just wipe away your notes. These training tables are available in two heights, so they can be used in daycare and kindergarten classrooms or in seminars and conference rooms. Height adjustable legs on both sizes allow users to further adjust to the perfect level for them. Lastly, our write on whiteboard tables are available in multiple shapes, perfectly adapting to your space needs and classroom arrangement!

Training seminars often feature these styles of tables as well. Why? Because they offer both functionality and versatility! Many educational seminars often feature multiple presenters and instructors, but can face spacing issues and only use 1-2 rooms. Setting up portable tables specifically designed for training allows for a smooth transition from one presentation to the next. Extra seminar tables in the room can easily be flipped for nesting or simply pushed to the side to provide instructors with extra classroom space.

There are several specific features that make our flip top tables very popular. Nesting storage and mobility are key benefits to these facility accessories. Flipper tables are designed to allow the tabletop surface to go vertical, making them easier to store one next to the other. Store three or four tables where you'd typically only be able to place one. Event staff or school employees can quickly move these tables around for seminars, assemblies and more. Stack them vertically and quickly maneuver them around. These tables are 5' and 6' long and available in teak and mahogany finishes. The neutral, wood-finished colors mesh nicely with most office or classroom decor.

Looking to outfit an entire facility? Plastic stackable or folding chairs are perfect to pair with flip and fixed seminar tables. All these products are designed for simple and easy storage. Set up a large meeting in no time and put everything away just as quickly. Need to clear out a room fast? Flip the conference tables up, stack the chairs and quickly push everything to the side. Other great products that pair well with these tables include multimedia lecterns, A/V carts and write-on boards. Outfit entire classrooms and conference rooms with products from Displays2go!

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