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Hanging Sign Holders with Included Jack Chains

Hanging Sign Arrays with Acrylic Frames & Metal Chains

Need an eye-catching way to show multiple storefront signs at once? These hanging sign grids provide a handy, all-in-one solution that displays many graphics simultaneously. The configurations vary from product to product, but each signage system includes several acrylic frames as well as metal chain hangers. The unique sign grids also come with metal "S" hooks that allow the individual panels to be linked together, or daisy-chained, through pre-drilled holes in the acrylic. The resulting matrix is then hung from the ceiling using the included jack chain hardware.

While most users hang the signage grids in storefront windows, others have found uses within their stores. Some retailers use the sign configurations to label aisles or showcase an array of promotional materials against a wall. Any of these applications is sure to turn some heads. Real estate agencies are some of our best customers for these graphic hanging matrices, simply because they can showcase a wide variety of properties for sale in their storefront windows. This way, potential home buyers can peruse the latest additions to the market without even entering the building. Think about how the acrylic sign frame grids will improve your advertising opportunities. Prospective buyers can look at your displayed promotions, ads, listings, and more even after your business has closed for the day. But the applications for these clear signage grids don't stop there. Consider all the possiblities and pick up your new hanging configuration today!

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