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Industrial Lockers | Cell Phone Storage, Keys Boxes & School Lockers

Public Locker Systems for Storing Cell Phones, Handbags, Clothing & More!

What do amusement parks, bowling alleys, schools, and other public places have in common? The answer is industrial lockers. There are many different types of locker systems intended to suit a variety of industries. Our standard locker cabinets are perfect for storing athletic equipment at the gym, cell phones at a train station, and other personal effects, like clothing if you're at the waterpark for the day. Our steel lockers range from technology based systems like cell phone lockers to standard lockers for schools. We even carry a full line of key boxes for valet parking services. No matter what your industry and needs are, we have a storage solution for you!

Our vented metal locker systems help keep your employees' and customers' personal electronics from overheating. This is especially helpful when users accidentally leave their smartphones, watches, and other gadgets powered up while in storage. One of the best features of these storage units is that they come with programmable keypads or combination locks. The resettable combination locks to prevent theft from previous users from accessing the commercial lockers. The durable construction also helps prevent unauthorized access. Each model features heavy duty, metal sheeting that thwarts vandalism and break-ins. Our modular locker design allows users to install and mount multiple industrial lockers in a variety of configurations. This way, you can easily set up the right amount of storage for your school, break room, gym, or other public location.

Industrial lockers for schools can be seen in hallways for organizing outerwear, books, papers, bags, and other school necessities. School gym lockers are similar the perfect storage solution for holding sporting goods and athletic equipment. Just like the smaller lockers for mobile devices and other electronics, the included combination locks will keep your personal items safe until you return. Using these industrial lockers for bowling alleys to store customer's shoes and equipment is a very popular as well. As you can see, there are many different businesses and organizations that benefit from using these durable locker systems.

Our single to 6-tier lockers are in high demand because any company locker room or public amusement park can always use more locking storage systems. There is no need for worrying about padlocks either! Just give your customers or employees the new electronic code, enter it in, and they're on their way! Secure your industrial locker system today! Browse all our standard lockers, cell phone lockers, and key boxes online now!

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