Cubicle Hangers & Desk Accessories

Desk & Cubicle Hangers to Keep Your Files or Promotional Materials Organized

File Cubicle Hangers

Cubicle hangers are great for organizing papers, files, and forms in small work spaces! Anyone who has worked in an office cube knows they aren’t exactly overflowing with storage space. Sometimes you just need a little extra room for organizing, and that’s where these cubicle hangers and wall accessories come in. Your organization will be the envy of all your coworkers.

The cubicle hangers come with special brackets that fit right over the top of your cube wall. This way you don’t have to drill any holes into company property! Using these brackets, the cubicle wall hangers can easily be moved around depending on worker’s needs. We offer these fixtures in multiple colors to match office décor or personal tastes. Additionally, models with varying amounts of pockets are available, great for those with varying organizational needs.

These cubicle hangers are great for storing reports, forms, files, and a host of other office-related items. But did you know they also make great inter-office mail boxes? Hang the cube accessories on the outside of the partition to serve as a convenient in and out box. You can even use the wall pockets to hold magazines or brochures!

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