Public Charging Stations for Smartphones & Tablets


Public Charging Stations with Sign Holders

Black Standing Charging Station Have you ever been on the go at a trade show or an airport and noticed your phone or tablet was about to die? Public charging stations are a hugely popular and necessary amenity for busy travelers and event attendees alike. In an age where many of us use personal technology as a life-line to the outside world, it’s important to keep devices charged and ready to go at all times. These public charging stations are essentially kiosks that allow the people to charge their iPhones, iPads, and laptops for free. Facility managers can place the floor standing fixtures in any high traffic area for the convenience of their customers: all they need is a power supply. Some models can be equipped with sign inserts to advertise the station’s charging ability. Electronics retailers that sell tablets, laptops, or phones could also benefit from these kiosks. Because tech shoppers prefer to try before they buy, stores often display devices while plugged into floor standing charging stations. No matter the location, one thing is for certain; personal electronic devices are not going away any time soon, so until then public charging stations will be in high demand.

With special adapter cords, users can charge most devices instantly. The special charging cords feature multiple plugs designed for compatibility with today’s most popular device brands, like Apple iPhone/iPad and Android. These free public charging stations could even eliminate issues with outlet-hoggers at airports, train stations, coffee schools, and student unions. Desperate travelers will no longer crowd around random power supplies will on the go: all they need to do is power up at any available charging kiosk!

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