Multiple Charging Docks for Desktop Use


Multiple Charging Docks for Tablets & Smartphones

Don’t get caught with a dead device! Use a multiple charging dock for convenient charging at all times. These power stations are designed for desktop use, making them great for use on desks, tables, and counters in both public and private locations. Use a multiple charging dock in a school classroom to store and power students’ tablets, in a commercial office building, in a hospital to store devices at a nurse’s station, or at home for your family’s electronics. With both locking and non-locking models, you’re sure to find a tablet charge station to fit your needs!

Our locking desktop fixtures, sometimes called charging cabinets, are often chosen by schools or other public locations for their security and durability. They feature doors with key locks so only authorized person can access them. On the inside, they feature power strips, outlets, or power cords - depending on the model. This allows users to plug in and charge multiple devices at once, in some cases up to 16 tablets! Some models even include lights to indicate when a device is fulling powered.

Our non-locking desktop chargers are great for corporate offices, at home, or transportation hubs like airports. Users can choose to power their own personal devices as they please. These stations still have all the same great features as the locking versions, like USB power ports or charging cables: they just don’t have locking doors! Some models even come with universal charging heads that are compatible with most devices. As long as your travel with your USB adaptable charging cord, you’ll find a desktop charging dock that will work with your device.

These multiple charging docks keep devices ready to go at a moment’s notice! With such user-friendly features and competitive prices, you’re sure to find a station to fit your needs. Browse our selection above today!

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