Wall Charging Stations for Multiple Devices

Wall Charging Stations for Public Places

Indoor Free Charging StationIn busy airports or crowded school unions, outlets tend to fill up quickly with various devices and cords. That’s where this public wall charging station selection comes in handy. With these helpful fixtures, your customers and guests will stick around longer because they won’t have to leave to charge their phones. You can easily mount these wall charging stations throughout your business or facility. Place one or two along busy hallways where they’ll be seen easily by whoever passes by. Or, try hanging one on the wall of your coffee shop. Your patrons might just buy another coffee while their smartphones are charging. More coffees sold equals more money in your pocket. Both you and your customers will be happy with your charging station purchase!

How Do Wall Charging Stations Work?

Each mount is fitted with adaptable plugs that allow users to charge various smartphones or tablets, regardless of the make or model. Simply plug your mobile phone into one of the wall charging station’s many outlets and place the device in its own acrylic pocket while it powers up. All you need is a electricity source and you’ll have people flocking to your high-tech fixture. Each unit also features a top sign header that allows you to place custom or branded advertisements above the fixture. Because each wall charging station is designed for mounting, facility managers don’t have to worry about theft. Plus a wall mounting design is great for space saving or crowded commercial areas. Other charging stations with locking cabinets are great for powering multiple devices at once for a classroom or office. These free charge fixtures are ideal for any public place where someone might need to plug in their phone, like airports, train stations, schools, offices, cafeterias, or even cafes. No matter the location, you’re sure to find the right fixture for your uses and devices.

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