Sit-Stand Workstations & Ergonomic Office Desk Mounts

Table Mounting Computer Workstations Offer Height Adjustability

Using desk mounted sit-stand workstations is an ergonomic solution for any company that already has desks and cubicles in place. Adding new furniture in an existing office is not always ideal, which is why these unique table-mounting stands are so practical. Each ergonomic solution has the ability to hold a keyboard, mouse, one or more monitors, and includes extra storage shelving. Sit-stand computer brackets work great in any home or business office too, especially because they are so inexpensive compared to full-sized desks.

So why are workstations that allow you to stand as well as sit becoming so popular? There are many health reasons to switch from your old computer desk to a height-adjustable ergonomic mount. Moving from a sitting to standing position not only helps with back problems, but also improves circulation resulting in more energy. This in turn increases productivity, which makes the desk-mounted sit-stand clamps ideal for both the employee and the employer! If you have read our "sit-stand desk" guide, you know that sitting at a desk for 8+ hours can literally shave years off your life. Our products include adjustable laptop workstations, monitor mounts, and even a laptop/monitor mount with adjustable keyboard & mouse shelving. Both manual and push-button adjustment sit-stand desk mounts are available. Any one of these unique, ergonimic solutions will instantly transform your work lifestyle.

We can't stress how important good health practices are for office workers. Why not invest in your body and work productivity? This way, you can break up your 8+ hour day with more movement while still getting all your regular work done. Your boss, your posture, and your overall health will thank you when you invest in one of our table mounts that allow you to stand at your computer!

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