Medical Computer Carts for Hospitals & Other Healthcare Facilities

Mobile Computer Workstations are Ergonomic & Height-Adjustable

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other medical facilities have limited space with large equipment, patients, and staff. That is why many healthcare companies use medical computer carts. These mobile healthcare workstations have numerous features such as locking wheels, height adjustable working surfaces, and monitor mounts. The medical computer cart on wheels work with laptops and desktop computers for registration, check in, and entering medical information. All of these features make transporting these medical computers on wheels from room to room painless.

The four locking casters allow for easy maneuverability and hold the workstation in place while users are entering information. The keyboard and mouse tray create a comfortable working environment and can slide-in when not in use for the perfect mobile medical computer cart. The adjustable height feature helps doctors and nurses of any size to have proper posture while working. One more great feature is the monitor mounts that hold single and double screens to prevent medical professionals from straining their eyes on smaller laptop screens. The brackets are able to rotate and adjust for best viewing. Also included is a laptop security system, along with cable management to prevent wires from showing or creating tripping hazards.

Stop carrying your laptop or pushing awkward and clunky carts around the hospital. These medical height adjusting workstations will change the way you work by saving time and preventing possible back problems. Purchase a medical mobile computer cart today and see how easy it is to create a healthier, more organized work environment.

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