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Safety Stanchions for Traffic or Workplace Hazard Awareness and Avoidance

Retractable Safety Stanchions & Traffic Cones for High Visibility

Does your business need to clearly delineate hazardous zones, section off space, or seperate off-limits areas? Our selection of safety stanchions include high visibility fixtures designed with durable materials intended for use in high-traffic working environments. For use in busy workspaces, including warehouses, road work, construction sites, and other locations where risk of injury may occur each belt or traffic comes printed with vibrant black, orange, or yellow hazard colors. Our safety stanchions are designed to be easily seen, so pedestrians can understand to steer clear of dangerous of off-limits areas and give employees the crowd control systems they need to work peacefully. Many floor standing models come with a retractable belt, making it easy to store until needed, or to accomodate different locations. Some safety stanchions, and especially our traffic cones, are available with reflector tape for use outdoors - which can be useful during low-light times of day.

What types of crowd control fixtures do we carry?
  • Safety stannchions are designed with durable cast iron frames and feature retractable belts. Each model is either bright yellow, or black, and intended to be clearly visible at all times of day. Use these fixtures to section off areas with a physical barrier.
  • Traffic cones are available with retractable belts or as a stand-alone prop. Our customers use these to form a loose barrier around a designated area, to mark locations, or cover a spot that may need repair. Our traffic cones feature reflective tape which allows it to be easily seen by cars during evening and nighttime hours.

Many high-visibility crowd control stanchion includes include yellow stanchions with pre-printed CAUTION - DO NOT ENTER, AUTHORIZED ACCESS ONLY, and diagonal safety stripes for any working zone. Every belt is fully retractable with different belt lengths and pole heights - we even offer stand-alone replacement belts. They are best used indoors, but can be used outdoors temporarily.

Safety cone retractable belt toppers are the more mobile friendly solution for outdoor spaces, emergency responders, and other hazardous environments. Placing the traffic safety posts around an area can not only create a safe work environment but may also save lives. The bright orange cones with reflective tape will easily stand out along with the detachable retractable warning belt. The traffic cone belt attachment will fit standard cones and installs easily. The heavy duty nylon belts won’t fray or break even in the toughest conditions. Integrated into the belt is a lock preventing accidental belt release. Don’t worry about using them at night, they are just as, if not more visible at night that during the day. Be more effective at restricting access with the retracting belts compared to cones alone.

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