Restaurant Trash Cans & Recycling Receptacles

Wooden Restaurant Trash Cans & Recycling Receptacles

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With high traffic areas and heavy use, restaurant trash cans and recycling bins need to be built to last. Our various models for small and large food service companies are made with this is mind. Our restaurant trash cans are available in mahogany, oak, black, and maple. Multiple fast food trash can orientations are available including single, double, open top, push door, and integrations like cabinets and tray holders.

The diner trash cans make it simple to remove and replace trash bins and bags. The receptacles are also very easy to clean due to a wood core construction and melamine finish. The dual restaurant trash cans are perfect for placing either two trash cans or a trash can and recycling bin together. The flat tops allow for the vertical stacking of trays, making these trash receptacles great for high traffic and large customer areas in diners, cafeterias, and restaurants.

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