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Projector Stands & Carts for Video & Slideshow Presentations

Projector Screens

Projector Carts & Stands with Mobile & Fixed Designs

Looking to set up a video projection system? Our collection of projector stands includes several types of carts, trolleys, and holders that are perfect for all kinds of applications. our rolling presentation carts are ideal for school classrooms, libraries, and training facilities. Each of these models features wheels on the base that allow for quick and easy relocation so multimedia equipment is easily shared between classrooms and meeting halls. Many the mobile projector trolleys are also perfect use in conference rooms and boardrooms at corporate offices. Our stationary projection stands are equally practical for business and eductional use, but they are also great for use at home. Many residences now include home theaters with projection screens, and these stands provide a great alternative to typical mounting brackets.

One of the most helpful features these projection carts offer is height adjustability. Anyone who has ever set up a projector knows that getting the correct height and distance from the screen is crucial to the quality of the projected image. Many of these carts and floor stands include notches that allow the user to incrementally raise or lower the projector platform too, so properly framing the presentation is simple. Some of these platforms also rotate or flip down, so projectionists can choose the perfect arrangment for their presentation needs. Stands that have wheels make adjusting the focus easier too because the whole cart can be rolled toward or away from the screen as needed.

Video projector technology has advanced a lot in recent years. Many projection systems now allow for much more than the simple slideshow presentations of the past. In fact, they are frequently connected to laptop computers so users can view films in HD, share documents, play video games, and even project small images onto large surfaces. Art classrooms and galleries love projection technology because it provides the ability to blow up graphics so they can be transferred to a larger medium, like an exhibit wall or an oversized canvas. The versatility of projection technology is part of the reason these floor stands are in such high demand.

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