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Navigator Series iPad Kiosks

Featuring a commanding, high quality design, our Navigator series of iPad kiosks is one that stands the test of time. These exclusive tablet stands are constructed of solid steel, making them the most long lasting, sturdy, and secure iPad stands we carry. Trust in the Navigator series to keep your devices safe in any trade show, retail, or business environment. Each kiosk comes with built-in cable management and an integrated power source, so keeping your tablet charged is easy! The heavy-duty iPad case at the top of each stand hides tablets’ home buttons and features dual locks to prevent tampering or theft. Users can even switch the enclosure from landscape to portrait orientation, depending on their needs. You can rely on the Navigator series to confidently display and protect your investment at all times, in all locations!

Inserting a tablet into the steel Navigator iPad stand enclosure


Our wide selection of tablet kiosks are able to accommodate iPads of various models. This includes iPad and iPad Pros with dimensions 9.7”, 10.5”, 11”, and 12.9”, as well as iPad Mini generations 1 through 4. Kiosks are configurable, allowing portrait or landscape (vertical or horizontal) orientations. Most models also have covered home buttons to keep customers within the desired program.

Navigator iPad stand with lockable steel enclosure


Locking iPad kiosks help secure valuable unattended electronics in high-traffic business environments. Tamper-proof device enclosures ensure that customers can not download unwanted apps or content, fiddle with power cords, or walk away with any tablet. Use an anti-theft kiosk to protect digital gadgets which help support your exhibit, sale, or demonstration while keeping them under lock and key.

Person swiping a credit card on a Square card reader attached to the Navigator iPad stand

Get Paid

Every event is an opportunity to make sales with these locking iPad kiosks. Many models are compatible with optional Square card readers, making it easy to take customer payment information on the go at pop-up stores, food trucks, and trade shows. This allows vendors to not only promote their products during off-site events, but also gives businesses a way to send new customers home with exciting new products.

Navigator iPad stand with rear open access panel showing the integrated power strip

Cable Management

These all-in-one iPad tablet holders include a cable management system which not only tucks away unsightly wires but also houses an integrated power strip. This allows our users to accommodate other supporting electronics, power illuminated signage, charge cell phones, and other gadgets. Proper cable management maintains a clean, professional appearance while reducing clutter and the risk of damage.

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