Tall Display Cabinets

Display Cabinets with Tall Designs Hold More Collectibles!

In the market for a residential or commercial showcase but need something that makes a big statement? A tall display cabinet provides the perfect solution! Not only can collectors and retailers fit more items inside these taller enclosures, but they can also arrange items so that they are higher up for better visibility. Each of the tall display cabinets features glass shelves, many of which are adjustable. The versatile glass shelving can accommodate a variety of collectibles, keepsakes, or valuable retail goods. Using a tall display cabinet in your home or store is ideal for keeping items safe while ensuring that your collection is shown off in all its glory.

While the display cabinets in this category all feature taller designs, there are quite a few different options among them:


Most of our freestanding showcases include some type of lock, which makes them great for both home and commercial applications. Make sure to order a model that includes a locking mechanism if you intend to display your valuables in public settings or other high-risk areas. Tall display cases for residential use generally feature locks, but there are some exceptions.


Internal lighting is yet another practical feature both merchants and collectors look for. Our display cases are sold either without lighting, with top lighting, or with top and side lighting. The variety of choices allows users to order a tall display cabinet with the proper amount of illumination for their specific items. Although some of these showcases use older halogen technology, many are fitted with modern LED lights that are more efficient and use less energy. Display cases with canopy (top) lighting usually feature recessed fixtures, but models that include side lighting typically allow for the individual lights to be raised and lowered accordingly. This way, it’s easy to create a very professional and elegant presentation with only a few small adjustments.

Line & Style:

Many of our tall display cases are part of unique lines and series. As a result, many customers purchase multiple units to create a theme. Imagine what matching the style of a few different display cabinets will do to your location. In the home, they are sure to tie the room together. At the office, they look extremely professional. And in a retail store, they create a seamless look that shows customers you are serious about your business. Be sure to check the manufacturer on each product’s specifications to find units that work well together. There are even variations within manufacturer lines themselves. For example, you could order a rectangular display case from the same name as a round or oval design. Each cabinet with have its own functionality but they will all match since they are from the same maker.

Color & Finish

Choosing the right color for your tall display cabinet is a matter of taste and personal preference, which is why we try to offer some of the most popular yet functional options. Many of our designs feature standard black and silver finishes, but we also offer a variety of natural finishes, like cherry, oak, and maple.

Material & Durability

Choosing the right material for your display cabinet is an important decision for a couple reasons. First, customers generally think about the aesthetics. How will the display showcase look once it’s been set up? The second reason the choice is so important is that different materials imply different levels of durability. For example, a tall display case that is made out of hardwood will be heavy and durable. Metal, especially aluminum, framed options offer a lighter weight alternative that is every bit as durable. Glass is used to manufacture almost all of our display cases. For this reason, the glass used is tempered (heat-treated) for added durability. Additionally, tempering the glass ensures that the material crumbles into small, rounded pieces rather than shattering into dangerous shards. This way, in the event that the case is broken, cleanup is much easier and safer for all involved. We also use acrylic to manufacture some of our showcases. This thin but durable plastic is less susceptible to breaking than glass and is commonly used to make many of the smaller showcases in our collection. Acrylic is also cheaper than glass, so there is a cost advantage to ordering clear plastic display cabinets.

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