Frameless Display Cases

Frameless Display Cases w/ Full Vision Designs

If you ask us, a frameless display case is truly a thing of beauty. Sometimes called ‘full vision’ or ‘full view’, these all-glass showcases leave nothing to the imagination - because there are no frames to hide the items they hold! These frameless display cases are some of our most contemporary fixtures. One might even call them minimalistic. But just because these display cabinets aren’t hampered by frames or edges, doesn’t mean they’re not multi-faceted and durable! Actually, each fixture features only the most protective and long-lasting tempered glass. Steel brackets hold the glass sides together at the edges and some units even feature locking hinged doors for added security. Most frameless display cases, however, will include a base made of MDF or metal for added durability and safety towards the floor. If you want to let your merchandise shine out from every direction of its display, please do consider purchasing one of these full vision showcases!

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