Metal Display Cases

Metal Display Cases w/ Durable Framing & Tempered Glass

Use these metal display cases to outfit your store, showcase your collectibles, or complement your home! What makes these cabinets incredibly unique is that they are framed in steel or aluminum, giving them both a commercial and contemporary style. Metal and glass display cases are durable and long lasting due to their solid construction and framing. All options come with tempered glass sides and/or shelves, a type of glass that is much stronger and safer than standard glass plates.

You can find these metal display cases in various styles and sizes, including floor standing, tower, and countertop versions. And it doesn’t take a savvy shopper to realize that these fixtures are perfect for displaying just about anything! For example, use a lighted counter for displaying jewelry or other valuables in retail settings. Floor standing towers with aluminum frames are perfect for galleries, schools, or any other public place. Even metal countertop display cases are great for holding medals or military memorabilia at home or in stores. You’ll find that these fixtures’ metal frames quickly turn them into a quality investment, no matter the location they’re used or what you choose to display in them. Besides a high end design and durable construction, these metal cabinets offer tons of other great features. For one, you can trust that your valued items will be safe and secure inside many of our locking cases. To highlight a treasured item with pride, choose a fixture with built-in spotlights. Some displays even come with storage cabinets in their bases, making them great for use in retail locations when extra room for merchandise is always a plus! Looking for a display case to accompany you on the go? We have a great selection of portable cases that are just perfect for trade shows! Check out the whole selection here, or call one of our customer service experts today. We’d be happy to offer suggestions and help you choose the best product to fit your needs!

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