Portable Easels

Portable Easels w/ Telescoping Legs

Whether you’re on your way to a trade show or headed out into nature to do a little painting, to be able to hold your displays and canvases without hassle or inconvenience you’re going to need a portable easel! This style of stand is a top choice among our customers for a few reasons. First, the easels are incredibly lightweight. Most models are made of light, but extremely durable aluminum, making them a breeze for users to carry from place to place. Next, these portable easels are folding, meaning painters and trade show goers alike can simply retract the stands’ telescoping legs before transport. Some models even come with handy carrying cases for added ease of use! When you’re ready to use the portable easel again, simply remove from its bag, retract the legs, position and tighten them at the desired height, and you’re ready to go! Because many models come with telescoping legs, some units even go from floor standing to tabletop ready in a matter of seconds. This type of presentation easel, is the easiest choice for your next event or convention!

Portable easels are among the most diverse display tools available on the market. They are used to hold and display everything from presentations in the boardroom to promotional signage at the local hotel. Artists use them for plein air paintings as well as for displaying their finished pieces in the gallery or the studio.

What are some qualities you should look for in a portable easel depending on the scenario it is being used?

  • Trade Show: Portable easels are used at trade shows to welcome guests, promote custom signage or lead clients to their booth by displaying custom graphics to the attendees. Picking an easel that is compact, with retractable or telescoping legs is key to efficient transportation, as well as a fast setup and breakdown at the end of the show. Ensure your easel is simple and basic, not to draw attention away from your graphic or booth. An aluminum portable easel with a black matte finish would accompany a truss booth or TV stand wonderfully.
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  • Office: Many offices and corporate environments choose to use portable easels everywhere from the boardroom to the lobby to display business graphics, presentation material and companywide announcements. Again, when picking an office easel, it is important to stick with the fundamentals. A basic, sturdy tri-legged or quad-legged easel will serve as a trustworthy foundation for the corporate material. If the easel will be used for presentations in the boardroom, ensure that you choose one with an adjustable height to peek over boardroom tables and afford wide visibility.
  • Artists: Many artists choose to use portable easels to paint or draw landscapes outside to capture that perfect lighting. They look for an easel that will both be easy to carry to the park or hike up the mountain, but also be durable enough to stand up to the elements. For this purpose, choose an adjustable height french easel with a built in sliding storage drawer that has ample room for art utensils, paint and any other supplies needed. Simply throw the easel over your shoulder and head to your destination!
There are many other uses for these transportable easels, including retail, academics and restaurants. No matter what industry you're in, Displays2go has the standup display solution you're looking for. Not seeing exactly what you’re looking for here, or have a question regarding one of these products? Just reach out to our customer service team by phone at 1-800-572-2194 or our live chat feature!

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