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Gondola Shelving with Perforated Back Panels

Gondola Shelving for Supermarket Aisles

Stock your store aisles with this diverse selection of gondola shelving. Pair sections of pegboard and slot backed fixtures together to great the type of displays you often see in supermarkets, convenience stores, and other big-box retailers. Gondola shelving is so popular for a reason - it is incredibly versatile and easy to use! The fixtures’ convenience comes from their construction. Their backs are compatible with either pegboard or slot attachments. Users can add shelves at any height using the slots on the sides of each shelving unit. They can also attach hooks and brackets to the fixtures pegboard backs. Depending on the style of retail merchandise a store is selling, the perfect gondola unit for that store will vary. For example, larger bracket shelves are ideal for holding bulk goods or boxed food. Pegboard gondola shelves are great for holding hanging products like clothing or even snacks! Plus, this kind of supermarket gondola shelving is also available in single-sided or double-sided designs. Use just one section of shelves on its own or pair it with multiple units to create a typical store aisle. You’ll often see these displays used in supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, and many other big-box style retailers due to this ability to create aisles. Retail gondola shelves can also be used around the perimeter of a store to hold even more product!

We also provide a selection of gondola accessories and attachments that allow users to create a display to fit their custom needs! Just click into an gondola unit on this page to see all the accessories that unit is compatible with. This helpful feature is designed to take the guesswork out of stocking your retail space! We carry 25” wide and 38” wide gondola shelves that come with brackets for attaching them to slotted uprights. Each shelf also comes with a plastic channel-style price tag holder to make advertising prices easy! If you choose a unit with a pegboard backing, shop our selection of peg hooks in a wide variety of lengths and colors. With such a wide selection, you can’t go wrong!

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