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Magnetic Dry Erase Boards - Portable, Wall Mounted and Freestanding

Magnetic Dry Erase Boards & Markers

Our magnetic dry erase boards are compatible with both makers and magnets - making for the ultimate presentation and teaching tool! These display boards are available in wall mounting or floor standing models, some even feature wheels for portability in any school or office environment. Teachers, students, or business employees can post bulletins, notices, and other memos for their communities to see. Hang wall mounting magnetic dry erase boards in hallways or break rooms for easy scheduling and communication for employees. You can also use floor standing models for note taking in classrooms or brainstorming sessions in conference rooms. To attach papers or posters to the boards’ magnetic surfaces, simply grab any nearby magnet! However, we offer a selection of modern, black magnets as well. The surfaces are lined internally with steel to make them magnet receptive while their exteriors feature a white laminate, often made of melamine or porcelain, which we all know as a standard “dry erase” surface. What will you attach to your magnet-receptive notice boards?

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