Portable Dry Erase Boards

Portable Dry Erase Boards for Mobile Office Presentations

Even in the digital workplace portable dry erase boards remain a popular and effective communication medium. Easily relocate large erasable boards from conference room to boardroom by rolling them on their 4 wheel base and lock them in place when they have been repositioned. Their durable and sturdy frames, cast from lightweight aluminum, make wheeling the portable dry erase board effortless, and the omnidirectional wheels enable pivoting movements for full freedom of movement.

Mobile dry erase boards are often the heart of collaborative problem solving. Colorful markers and magnetic surfaces provide a tangible interface where ideas can be shared, calendars can be kept, and presentations can be created. Many problem solvers enjoy drawing their concepts on the board in front of an audience instead of using a computer. Try photographing the work on the dry erase board and uploading a digital copy that can be shared and stored on your network.

Make sure you choose a size that is large enough for your projected audience; remember, the portable dry erase board can easily be moved on its wheels. Also consider whether you need a reversible, double-sided board for more space. Browse our portable dry erase board selection for surfaces made from high quality steel or tempered glass for maximum longevity. Enjoy your new rolling board and the exciting office presentations it will bring about!

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