Ice Cream Cone Holders


Ice Cream Cone Holders Fit Waffle, Sugar, Kiddie Styles

Countertop Ice Cream Cone Holders

Display your tasty treats in the most delectable way possible using these ice cream cone holders! Using these stands in your creamery, parlor, or gelato shop allows you to showcase your menu options in a way that simple text on a menu board cannot. All those who come into your store with eyes that are bigger than their stomachs won’t be able to resist going for a waffle cone when it’s displayed so prominently on your attractive, acrylic ice cream cone holder! I know I couldn’t! Place the stands on top of your cooler or counter so patrons will know of their choices before they order. You could also simply use them for storing cones while the scoopers prepare orders. We even sell options with sneeze guards to add another layer of protective professionalism to your parlor. Because these cone holders are made of clear acrylic, they’re incredibly easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

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