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Stock Single Panel Corporate Art

Modernize Your Office Space with Acrylic Corporate Art

Bring any boardroom, conference room or lobby into the 21st century by mounting modern corporate art on the walls of your office. These acrylic one-panel stock prints are second surface UV printed with state of the art technology for sharp, striking detail and fade-resistant color. Acrylic prints are now popular among corporations to tastefully decorate offices, hallways and lobbies with abstract, macro and landscape images. These graphics are meant to spark deep thinking, relax clients, and simply adorn the walls with high quality art as an indication of style and progressive thinking. The low profile design of these acrylic panels, with their 1 inch steel standoffs, ensure that these prints hug the wall and fully integrate with the rest of your corporate artwork.

These designer stock corporate prints range across many different styles, images and emotions. Choose from quality corporate art of gorgeous flowers with a shallow depth of field, to a ship's wheel, navigating towards the setting sun. Even create your own crisp, detailed custom acrylic panel by providing your own image! These corporate graphics can be both motivational and inspirational to employees, visitors and clients as they wait for a meeting to begin, or settle into a conference. The standoffs eliminate the need for a frame, allowing the entire image to be represented within the scope of the acrylic panel. The high definition panel, being only a quarter inch thick, makes for a thin yet durable fixture that augments the decor of any corporate office with modernity and sophistication.

Where is this corporate artwork normally hung?

  • Boardrooms:The corporate office boardroom is the ideal place to hang acrylic prints. Whether the room is being used for meetings or presentations, don't force clients and employees to spend their afternoon in a lackluster environment. Liven it up with UV printed panels of macro-lense water droplets, spiraled shells or an abstract, geometric design. waiting room acrylic print
  • Hotel Rooms: Nobody likes to sleep in a room with blank walls, and let's face it, the stock art from the 1970's is not going to cut it anymore. Replace them with high definition prints of dandelions, spiral staircases or urban skyscrapers to give the guests an artistic stay at their hotel, inn or hostel room! Purchase in wholesale quantities and save huge with a decreasing price-per-unit as more are ordered.
  • Hospital Rooms:: Artwork is commonly used in hospital rooms and hospital waiting rooms to cheer up the patient and add color into the otherwise monochromatic scheme of the hospital. Acrylic prints of flowers, sailboats and other picturesque scenes are certain to encourage and inspire patients, nurses and doctors as they go about their routines.

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