Framed Canvas Artwork

Framed Office Art is Hung in Offices, Lobbies, Meeting Rooms & More

Add a touch of elegance to the boardroom or waiting room with a print of framed office art depicting a scene that is pleasing to the eyes and stimulating to the working brain. Framed artwork is a safe choice to cover blank walls and immediately create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere in the room for both clients and employees. Many of these feature rich, colorful printing on canvas, leaving no detail overlooked and providing a rich and vibrant hanging display that looks fantastic from both across the room, and upon close inspection. Many of these stock prints feature linen liner mats to add a graceful outline to the canvas graphic, whether it's a nautical themed lighthouse or a mysterious forest path. With the hanging hardware included in the package, the new framed print will be hanging in your office or lobby in no time.

Canvas artwork for the office is a classic way to decorate that has stood the test of time and continues to deliver as a popular artwork solution choice for companies ranging from high finance to hospitals. These impressive graphics serve to generate a relaxing atmosphere, or feng shui in rooms where high stress activities commonly occur. The framed canvas stock artwork offered here typically comes in two sizes, 24" x 36" and 30" x 40". For large boardrooms where the print is meant to be the primary focus of the wall art arrangment, the larger size is usually demanded. For a situation like a waiting room, where multiple pieces of art may be hung together as several pieces of a whole, the smaller size is a popular option. Either way, the black wood frames are sleek, modern and similar to the fashion world, they go with everything, including all different colors and styles of wallpaper or paint. Take note of the durable liquid laminate covering, which helps protect the office framed wall art from dust and debris, while offering durability and flexibility that is not found in glass panels.

What framed office graphics are available here?

"Hiking Through Infinite"- This office canvas art features a scene of a seemingly never-ending forest path. The trees strike a fine balance between intimidating and welcoming to get observers to ponder their purpose. The path can be seen as a metaphor for one's life journey - crystal clear, yet shrouded in mystery. This art features warm color tones to nicely balance out blues and grays.

"Floating on a Sea of Glass"- Imagine the liberating feeling of sailing across an endless sea. That's exactly where this framed print takes you. The tranquility of this canvas relaxes and calms observers, which can be especially valuable for doctor's offices and DMVs - areas known to induce high amounts of stress. Allow your clients to breath in the fresh ocean air and let their mind float away with "Floating on a Sea of Glass."

"The Watcher of The Waves"- Lighthouses represent omniscience and safety. Just as lighthouses are a source of safety for passing ships, the quiet serenity of this office framed wall art evokes a sense of security, comfort and well-being in observers. Lighthouse prints are commonly used in coastal cities and towns.

"Misty Mountain Morning"- Slowly awaken your senses and emotions as you observe the sun forever trying to peak its way over the mountain top. The fog hanging over the landscape helps one feel grounded in nature and the rising sun is a reminder of new beginnings. This mountain print displays a seemingly endless string of ridges and valleys.

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