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Triptychs: Stock 3-Panel Wall Art

3 Panel Wall Art on Acrylic

This selection of 3 panel wall art is so much more than a standard canvas triptych. These acrylic designs are the epitome of modern, fresh, and cool décor - for both the home and the office. When a photograph is split between 3 different panels, your wall art takes on a whole new look and feel. The separation in the photo is visually engaging, while physically the space between the panels covers more wall space. This style of multi panel wall art is great if you have a large blank wall you need to cover. Think of it as more bang for your buck - a 3-in-1 decoration that works perfectly in a wide variety of environments!

What is a Triptych?

A triptych is a piece of art made up of three panels that are meant to be displayed together. First appearing in early Christian alter paintings, today triptych art is often used as a means of interior decorating. The 3 panels of the artwork can be used to cover more wall space than a standard canvas or frame might. The separate panels can be visually intriguing to a viewer because they separate one scene into 3 different parts, forcing them to either combine them in their heads or view them individually.

How is this Triptych Wall Art Made?

Our 3 panel art pieces are printed directly onto acrylic panels using a process called ‘second surface printing’. This is when a UV printer prints the photograph directly onto the back of the clear acrylic. The final product then features a layer of glossy, protective acrylic between it and the rest of the world! Our UV printing technology easily provides crisp, detailed, high resolution images, not matter how detailed the photograph!

Our 3 panel wall art can be used just about anywhere! We carry beautiful, serene, exciting, and dynamic stock art choices that come pre-printed onto three acrylic panels. Choose a nautical themed print for doctors’ offices and medical waiting rooms to provide a calming effect. Or, try a geometric, cityscape photo for a corporate office or conference room. Salons and beauty parlors prefer our floral themed triptychs, a popular choice being our floral poppy field wall art. Many also choose these acrylic mounted photos for residential settings, like hanging above their couches or in bedrooms. We even offer a custom printed triptych choice so you can display family photos with pride!

Lastly, each of these 3 panel wall art choices arrive ready to be mounted with 12 silver standoffs, 4 per panel. The standoffs screw right through the edges of the artwork, easily securing the display to the wall. The final result is the beautiful panels seemingly floating one inch off from the surface of the wall.

Browse the expansive selection of panel art choices here! There are prints available in many styles and colors. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, why not design your own? Choose our custom printing option to design your own wall art, with your very own images or logo! From business lobbies to residential living rooms, these wall displays are sure to fit the bill!

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