iPad Wall Mount Charger - Mounted Charging Stations

Mount iPad Chargers on the Wall as an Advertising Display

iPad wall mount chargers are the perfect solution for an advertiser who wants to offer an amenity to their visitors while deploying branded content at the same time. Transportation terminals, lobbies and university classrooms commonly mount charging stations on their walls to assist nearby guests when their tablets are running low on power. This both keeps their visitors digitally connected during their stay, and provides a necessary service that is appreciated by everybody. The custom signage that can be added to this wall mount iPad kiosk can deliver a message, logo or even be personalized to fit the surroundings of the trade show, retail storefront or lobby.

Keep bulky stations out of the way, and mount the indoor iPad kiosks on the wall of your business. Secure and lock the front panel to ensure that the cables and electronic hardware stay safe and sound when not in use. Many of these displays allow 8 devices to charge at once, and the bottom pocket can fit Apple tablets like the Pro, Air and Mini. The three-prong design of the cable heads support Apple charging connectors like the Lightning and 30-Pin, as well as the commonly-ported micro USB. Ensure that these wall mount chargers are placed in a prominent location for optimal usage frequency.

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