Multiple iPad Desktop Charging Station - Apple Device Docks

Desktop iPad Chargers are Perfect for the Business or Classroom

Educational institutions and businesses distribute Apple iPads for enhanced learning, communication and project execution. A multiple iPad desktop charging station helps to keep those tablets charged and ready to power up at a moment's notice. Place on counters, desks, tables and other flat surfaces that are easily accessed and reached by employees and students for quick pickups and drop-offs. Many of these iPad chargers include locking compartments and LED indicators for ultimate safeguarding and security when that is a concern. Their desktop or tabletop design makes them perfect for businesses that employ tablet users from a centralized office, like data collectors. When the field surveyors return from their assignment, they can secure their iPads on the desktop charger and ensure the devices are powered up for their next shift.

These charging stations can hold multiple iPads at once. Some even afford a 16 device capacity for large commercial endeavors, which should be sufficient for a small classroom or office building. With USB port technology, any Apple charger can easily be connected to the mainframe. There's a place for every Apple tablet on the market in these charging stations, make sure to review product specifications to confirm compatibility and design. If power management is a concern, select a product that has an intelligent system with LED light indicators. This helps prevent you from leaving devices on the charger for longer than necessary and possibly causing long-term damage to the lithium-ion battery. With integrated cord management systems, removable dividers and combination locks, you'll find that these iPad desktop chargers are equipped with all of the bells and whistles needed to manage a fleet of iPads in the school or workplace!

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