iPad Trolley - Wheeled Charging Stations


A Wheeled iPad Trolley Transport Tablets to Every Part of the Building

Looking for the perfect tablet transport system for the many devices that are laying around the office? Look no further. These wheeled iPad trolley solutions are used in industrial environments like corporate offices, hospitals, educational institutions and government buildings. Outfitted with locking casters, they can store and wheel dozens of Apple tablets to a desired room or other office location. Equipped with integrated power strips, you will not have to worry about recharging iPads when they are taken out of storage. The tablets can be packed in the cart and securely lock for overnight safekeeping, as well as for daytime charging needs. With a capacity that can reach 42 devices, these carts are built for large, commercial operations. No need to burden your facilities crew with carrying many tablets by hand when a wheeled iPad cart is available for use.

When choosing an iPad trolley, ensure that it contains adequate space and compartments for the volume of tablets in operation at your place of business. Avoid overcharging by selecting one with LED light indicators that will announce when the tablet is ready, saving both energy as well as wear and tear on your battery. Not to mention many of these intelligent dock carts include power management systems that distribute the power to the devices holding the least amount of charge. Built-in ventilation ensures that the iPads do not overheat, and cord winders discourage tangled cables! Optimize your organization's tablet management, and ensure that your employees' Apple tablets are safeguarded, charged and in their desired location.

iPad Trolley Features to Look Out For:

  • LED Light Indicators
  • Power Management System
  • Traditional or Combination Padlocks
  • Ventilation
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