Menu Letter Boards - Restaurant Signage with Changeable Lettering

Restaurant Menu Boards with Interchangeable Letters

Menu letter boards are excellent for placement behind the food counter where customers can easily see them. Great for any location, the restaurant displays can feature food and drink items with pricing information. The wall mounted menu letter boards feature a large area for placing lettering and numbers to fit as many options as needed. Restaurants and bars also choose this type of sign to feature specials and event advertisements. With the menu letter boards' prominent position, they're perfect for important info and new meal options. Our simple and flexible signs are also easy to customize to meet the needs of any business.

Each of the menu letter boards comes with black lettering, numbers and symbols for extra convenience. Included are two sets in different sizes: 0.75" and 1". Made of black vinyl, the characters are highly visible when placed on the boards' white surface. Also included with the signage are write-on inserts for dry erase markers, writing utensils and graphic inserts that can match the theme of your establishment. With all these display options, wall mounted letter boards are the perfect way to welcome employees while promoting what you sell. Buy on for fast shipping and bulk pricing.

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