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Digital Media Streamers and Players with Full HD Playback for Signage & Entertainment

In-Store Digital Multimedia Players for Streaming Advertisements, Music, and Video

Is your business looking for a streamlined way to present your downloaded videos, music, and images through your commercial television? Browse our selection of digital media streamers and players to take the headache out of uploading fresh promotional content to support your organization. Take advantage of these sign systems for their content management capabilities, storing your entire marketing catalog on one mobile device. Use these multimedia systems to showcase advertising material including menus, product listings, and company photos from stationary displays or during business trips. Digital media streamers and players share company slideshows, movies, and entertainment uploaded via USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth. Multimedia systems present video and image files to your commercial TV or electronic sign. Digital media streamers and players provide customers with personalized content and help with marketing campaigns and information sharing. Multimedia players and PC sticks are compact devices that have the ability to turn any modern monitor or television into a full-range event information station or commercial advertisement system.

Digital Media Players with Remove and Wifi Connection

What are the benefits of a commercial multimedia system?

  • Our digital media streamers and players come with integrated Android or 11Giraffes content management software. Each is capable of displaying content in stunning 1080p or 4k resolution. These systems give users a familiar interface similar to most smartphones.
  • Uploading promotional messaging is easier than ever. Simply plug-n-play via USB ports with any thumb drive or connect to this device through WiFi or Bluetooth. Media streamers and players, depending on the model, can project onto one or two monitors for dynamic presentations.
  • We offer the DisplayIt!Xpress content management software as a separate package. This system provides better connectivity between desktops and advertising fixtures. This all-in-one program is supported by MAC, Windows, and Android OS. This includes a permanent licence to software that will increase the effectiveness of your campaigns in public venues.

How to set up your Digital Multimedia Player
  1. Connect to any television monitor at home or in your place of business via HDMI or USB to transform it into a full-range entertainment centre, gaining access to marketing content, video, and applications.
  2. If there isn’t enough room between your TV and the wall, you can use an extention cable or look for a device with bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Next, add power by plugging your digital media player into the adaptor and into the wall, or using the USB port to connect it to your TV. Some may turn on automatically while others may require you to press a power button on the device and check it’s working.
  4. For ease of use, think about connecting a keyboard and mouse to the device to easily navigate folders, edit content, and push your media to the live screens.
  5. Some devices will require you to set up windows, so refer to your instruction manual for software requirements before you get started. After that, you are all set to start streaming your digital media anywhere!

Media streamers and players place content exactly where you need it most, directly in front of your customer. These electronic content managers plug into your TV to run movies, advertisements, music, and audio. Our selection of streamers and players are designed to support nearly all media types seamlessly, reducing compatibility issues. Traveling professionals also enjoy these devices due to their compact builds, which take up less of a footprint than traditional business laptops or tablets. Mix wall-mounted television advertisement systems with interactive floor stands in public venues to create a more engaged client base. Communicating with your guest via multiple channels boost your customer experience and creates a more memorable display. These devices help your marketing and advertisement teams manage their content in one centralized location rather than having to hunt down new and old media in various folders or seperate computers.

Digital Media Players with Remove and Wifi Connection
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