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Floor Stand with Digital Sign Screen

Wishing you could find a way to incorporate digital signage displays with a lobby stand? This media display is the solution! Whether for a business lobby or hospital room, this advertising display attractively marries form and functionality. Digital signage displays, also known as electronic medias, utilize a simple plug & play sign display, making these the right choice, even for the technology novice. These floor-standing systems are available in many different sizes and styles to suit the needs of most customers! From small, 22" or 26" digital signage displays to huge, 55" units that break down into a portable bag (think tradeshows!), this online catalog has it all!

An e-poster, digital signage displays are quickly becoming one of the most popular means of communicating information to guests or patrons. Static posters are quickly becoming if not a thing of the past; at least much less common. Digital signage displays are more efficient and, in the long run, more cost effective than regular print advertising. While the initial cost is higher, the repeated cost of printing advertisements is virtually eliminated. There are fewer logistical steps involved (sending design to a print house, waiting to receive the physical proof, etc.) with electronic digital signage displays, versus standard printed advertising practices. Aside from the economic benefit to the business owner, potential customers and patrons are simply more likely to pay attention to dynamic, vivid, digital media, versus a plain piece of paper. In fact, in fast-food restaurants, where the amount of time spent waiting in line is an imperative factor in overall consumer satisfaction, digital signage displays have been proven to reduce the perceived waiting time. This means that because customers have something entertaining to look at, they do not feel as though they are waiting as long as they actually are!

What kind of digital signage display solutions are available?
  • Smaller, lobby displays that include a monitor (usually 22" or 26") and stand
  • Portable digital signage displays are available with locking caster wheels. These are ideal for environments that require screens to be in different areas, but do not have a need to purchase multiple units. This digital signage displays are perfect for hotels (to wheel between conference areas), hospitals (for doctors to bring into a patient room to explain certain aspects of a patients' condition), or even courtrooms (to present photo evidence or a digital presentation of opening statements or final arguments).
  • Stationary digital signage displays with a weighted base (available in a wide range of television sizes) is ideal for many different purposes, from a sign in a retail store to an eye-catching display at a trade show. There are many different styles offered, including some with shelves (perhaps to hold product samples) or additional static posters (could be used to constantly display company content).
How does this type of media player function?
  • All of these software bundles utilize plug & play functionality
  • What does plug & play mean? Essentially, it means that users need only save content to a USB thumb drive, plug that memory stick into the electronic signage (which is often built directly into the screen itself), and the software will automatically detect the presence of files that can be played on screen. Use the included remote to navigate through the on-screen menu (as easy to understand as a typical DVD player menu) to play the files!
  • Most of the floor stand monitor above accepts images and video files, and some even accept music files to be played in the background. Content can be shown statically or in slideshow format.
Marketing display case with clear LCD screen

It is important to note that the above digital signs come complete with all you will need to create effective and beautiful digital media displays. This includes a stand, a screen (varying sizes, most are ultra-thin LED), and a content player (often built directly into the rear of the television). Few other companies are doing the work of creating all-in-one media players with floor stands that are affordable and functional. They simply leave their customers to "fend for themselves", but that is not the mindset here at Displays2Go. The company sees offering products in this form as a benefit not only to the consumer, but to ourselves, as well. For the shopper, it provides ease of shopping – there is no having to "shop around" trying to figure out if a certain television has the correct VESA spacing to match with a particular stand. It also helps customers find products that they may not realize they needed until later, when they would have to place a second order, and wait to create an "assembled" product. For example, a visitor to Displays2go may know that they want to delve into the realm of digitalsignage advertising, so they land here and find a content player. At this point, the consumer may or may not know that they also need a screen to play the content, and may purchase a television as well. Once they receive the order, suddenly they think 'wait a minute, how am I going to display this advertising? I need some type of hardware to mount the new electronic sign'. The consumer will then have to go back online to find a stand or wall-mount, order it, and wait for it to ship, wasting precious time that their digitalsignage could already be displayed to customers or patrons. By kitting all these components together that same consumer could have realized from the start that stand hardware was an important piece of their venture into electronic signs and bought all of the components at once. It also ensures that we do not lose customers that end up looking elsewhere for the components they forgot to add to their initial purchase.

All of the electronic signage available above is commercial-grade, versus residential. A commercial display has a longer warranty than traditional, home-use monitor hardware, and that guarantee will not be voided if used in a commercial environment (conversely to residential styles). This electronic signage is designed to run for longer periods of time, some even up to 16 hours per day, versus residential styles that are designed to run for only 6-8 hours per day. Visitors will notice that the screen hardware available above is offered in both 720p and 1080p resolutions, depending on the specific model. It is important to know that, despite what is drilled into our heads by hardware companies, 720p is a perfectly fine resolution for electronic signage. Unless users intend to show Blu-Ray® video, 720p can certainly do the job without any noticeable loss of quality. This electronic signage is perfectly suitable for live TV, menu boards, slide shows and more!

Included with every media advertising kit or player is free access to web-based, photo-editing software. This has become a reality as our consumer service department continually communicated the frustrations of shoppers that wanted to enter the electronic signage content advertising world, and made it far enough to understand the need to purchase the necessary hardware. However, once they received the electronic signage for their lobby or other area they weren't sure where to go from there. It was almost as if they completely forgot that they needed to actually show some content on the screen. They would call and ask how to do so. A consumer service representative would explain that the consumer could show full screen images from a camera, though how many commercial businesses are looking to show that? They want to display actual electronic signage advertisements. So the CSR would continue to explain that the consumer would need to use a photo-editing program such as Adobe® Photoshop® to create full-size content and save them as a JPEG to play on the screen. This took the consumer by surprise. They now had to not only purchase rather expensive fixture, in addition to the investment they had already made, but they needed to learn a rather intense software program before they could even begin designing their electronic signage. Of course, the other option was to hire a graphic designer or outsource advertising content creation, but wasn't one of the main reasons for investing in e posters to save money in the long run? This just didn't make sense to most customers. So, we listened. Our technology department has created a simple, easy to learn software program that does not cost any additional money (must make a qualifying purchase) and puts the power back in the business owners hand! Trust us when we say that even the most technologically-inept will have no trouble creating beautiful and effective electronic signage!

Displays2go is a leading supplier of custom and stock point of purchase displays. There are thousands of unique options to choose from, which includes this selection of plain, curved, adjustable, black, silver and other style LCD TV poster stands, some even with shelves or a curved base! Most items are kept in stock so that when an order is placed before 3PM, there is a 99% chance that the entire order will ship out the same business day! Orders placed after 3PM will ship the next business day. Please note that transit times may vary. Shop online today! We have the right solutions for all of your business display needs! For more information about the electronic signage software, system components or any other network solutions offered here, contact a friendly and knowledgeable consumer service representative! Forget traditional print posters, these sign solutions with engineered-in players are quickly becoming the advertising of the future! This stand - monitor combination is the perfect choice! There are black, silver, LED, LCD, portable (move room to room) and other styles available!

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