Standing LCD Advertising Screens for Cutting Edge Displays

Electronic SplashBox Display Cases Elevate Advertising to Another Dimension

LCD Advertising Display Case

Retailers only have so much available space to make an impression. Using one of our standing LCD advertising screens, called SplashBox, will do just that. Combining video content with product placement, these dynamic display fixtures have ushered in a new era in marketing. Don't let the small footprint fool you. Our standing LCD advertising screens have changed the way we connect products with customers. They offer a compelling argument for technology in today's multimedia juggernaut. Historically, merchandise and electronic marketing were separate entities. They may have been displayed next to each other, but not in an integrated sense. This explains the purpose behind our standing LCD advertising screens. For the first time, dynamic digital content interacts with real products. Design and create an innovative merchandising campaign in one compact and convenient format.

What makes these digital signage solutions so unique?
  • The standing LCD advertising screens are displayed on pedestals constructed from the same acrylic material as the housing (matte black or white). Two styles are offered: with or without clear side windows. Objects are placed inside the case through the rear access panel.
  • Interior LED strip lighting illuminates your items at the top and bottom for a dramatic presentation.
  • Your custom-generated video content is uploaded via a USB stick or the included SD card. The clear tempered glass LCD screen provides full HD resolution (1280 x 720). While the video loops, viewers will be treated to a dynamic, three dimensional advertisement that's guaranteed to entice.
  • SplashBox comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

These stylish display boxes are tailor-made for retail applications. If it will fit inside the housing, the possibilities are endless! Promote new electronics like phones or gaming accessories, or display high-end valuables like watches and jewelry. Augmenting digital advertising content with the merchandise helps push the emotional buttons of shoppers.

Treated as a pure display fixture, SplashBox can promote a business as well. Companies exhibiting at trade shows now have a platform on which to sell their products or services. Manufacturers use the stands to display parts and equipment in their office lobby. Visitors and guests alike will appreciate the innovative technology used in this way.

How about publicity? Advertise an upcoming event, show, or concert. For example, museums can let their patrons know of new traveling exhibits coming their way in the following months. Upon viewing SplashBox with its mesmerizing graphics, people will be hard pressed to forget!

Another advantage to using these display stands is their adaptability. After the initial promotion has run its course, a new campaign can be designed and implemented to take its place. Whether it's for a new product line or a seasonal sale, these limitless marketing fixtures will continue to awe and impress.

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