Preschool Table and Chair Sets — Child-Safe Modern Furnishings

Preschool Tables and Chair Sets - Child-Safe Furniture Collections

This modern Eames-style collection is made with children in mind, and comes in a variety of colors. Our daycare furniture is safe for toddlers due to its rounded edges on the countertops and seating. These preschool tables and chairs sets are great for a classroom, library, or daycare. Our age appropriate furnishings can even be used in a young toddler’s play area or bedroom at home. Their modern design and various color options will complement any learning center.

How does this child-size seating furniture arrive?
  • Our preschool tables and chairs sets each come with one 23.5” MDF (medium density fiberboard) white round tabletop. This fixture is made with wood legs with a crisscrossing wire pattern. It can fit up to four chairs and can be easily washed down. Toddlers can be messy, so having a surface that's easy to clean is convenient for parents and teachers.
  • Each tabletop includes two or four Eames-style seats depending on which collection is ordered. Child-friendly colors like black, white, and blue are available - neutral shades that fit in any setting. These seats have a scooped bottom, and a high back to keep toddlers comfortable while they are learning, collaborating, or playing. Similar to the tabletops, these seats have a crisscrossing wire pattern, and can support up to 132 lbs.
  • All the hardware and tools needed to assemble these furniture sets are included. Assembly is easy and doesn’t take long to complete.

Our child-size seating sets are a great value for teachers or parents. While thinking about furnishing areas for toddlers, safety is always a concern. Our-age appropriate furniture is child-proof —featuring rounded edges on the seats and tabletop. When comparing building materials for daycare fittings, MDF is a durable, stable, and long-lasting material. This makes them great for wear-and-tear and constant use. Particle board, although similar doesn’t allow for the same strong features. The molded resin seats give a smooth, modern, and comfortable finish. The sets’ wood legs are sturdy and offers stability to active, energy filled children. This age-appropriate children’s tabletop and seating set is stylish, and can complement any playroom or classroom. When designing a daycare layout, you’ll feel confident that this child size furniture will easily fit in around many cubbies, toy chests, and art supplies.

At Displays2go, we carry safe furniture sets that keep children in mind. Whether they’re collaborating on an art project or eating lunch, we are confident our daycare fittings will hold up against wear-and-tear. These offer a stylish and comfortable setting for toddlers and young children. We have these tabletop and seating collections in a variety of colors, so shop online with us today. Displays2go strives to offer our customers quick shipping and competitive pricing always!

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