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Classroom Storage Furniture - Child Friendly Fixtures for Schools & Daycare

Preschool & Daycare Shelving Rounds Out any Toddler's Classroom

daycare cubbies

How do I store children's books and toys in one convenient place? This collection of classroom storage furniture is great for creating an easy-access space for kids' supplies. When operating a daycare, preschool or kindergarten service, one of the biggest enrollment factors is the presentation of the environment. Having the right classroom storage furniture in place can be a deciding factor of whether or not a parent will enroll their toddler in the class. With this daycare-safe collection from Displays2go, classrooms can have all the accessories needed to foster an organized and fun learning experience.

Why is classroom storage furniture the best choice for kids? Teachers know you need somewhere to put books, art supplies, and toys — or things are going to get messy quick. In addition, toddlers aren't the best at putting stuff back where they got it. This classroom furniture complements bookshelves and make it incredibly easy to organize and hold a large amount of materials to conserve space. Each unit has front facing shelves that are great for organizing and displaying books. Show off the collection for both parents and kids alike to view, while keeping other supplies neatly tucked away for when they're needed.

Classroom furniture is essential to any preschool environment. Our child-friendly furnishings are ideal because they're sized for young children. Whether it's time for reading or playing, toddlers can easily walk up to the shelves and grab what they want. The large space in each pocket means that bulky toys and large books will have no problem fitting.

This furniture comes with extra features that are great for daycares and schools. Mobile shelving units are ideal for rolling out during specific times of the day like story time or "clean up". Easily push a rolling book cart aside when it's not going to be used and keep it tucked away in the corner. Check out our full selection of preschool furniture and accessories to find everything that busy teachers and toddlers need to thrive!

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