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Microphone Tablet Stands Feature Universal iPad Mounts

Microphone Tablet Stands for Live Performances, Recitals, or Karaoke

Microphone Tablet Stands

Today's digital technology affects nearly every aspect of our lives. Live concerts are no different. Microphone tablet stands are now a part of the performance. Before the advent of the iPad, musicians, speakers, and students had to rifle through sheets of music or notes. Microphone tablet stands do away with the clutter and instead offer a more streamlined and efficient approach. These iPad holders can accommodate most handheld touchscreens, thanks to the universal mount design. Whether you are a traveling musician or a motivational speaker, portability is a major concern. Our microphone tablet stands (mainly the tripod models) collapse and fold up for quick and easy setups/takedowns.

What other features do these floor-standing iPad displays have to offer?
  • Microphone tablet stands are available with or without mic holders.
  • Every model is height adjustable for use while sitting or standing.
  • The universal mounts support (most) tablets sized between 7" and 10".
  • Articulating or gooseneck arms provide pinpoint placement.
  • We offer stands with different base styles for short-term or long-term setups.
  • All styles feature steel construction designed to last.

When it comes to optimum convenience for the user, non-locking iPad stands with quick-release tablet mounts are the way to go. Unlike public applications where the touchscreen needs to be secured under lock and key, locking enclosures aren't necessary in this case. This is because these are predominantly used by individuals. The quick release iPad clamps eliminate the fuss of looking for a key. For example, a musician walking onto the stage with their tablet simply clips it into the mic stand's mount to begin their set. Setlists, song lyrics, and sheet music are at the ready!

Where else can these universal iPad fixtures be used?

in addition to live gigs and recitals, our touchscreen mic stands are useful in other ways. Set one up in a karaoke bar for displaying song lyrics to revelers. Lecturers and speakers can store their notes digitally instead of on cards. Music students of all levels now have user-friendly access to chord progression charts, guitar tablatures, and musical notations. Whatever the application is, it can benefit thanks to the combining of tablet technology with live performances!

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