Wedge Sign Holders with Printing on Black or White Foam Board

Poster Stands with Custom UV Printing — Double-Sided Design with Wedge Base

Wedge Sign Holder

What’s an easy and affordable way to bring prominence to your brand or event? Our wedge sign holders with printing offer a floor standing display with UV custom graphics and text. This printing process results in captivating full color, high-resolution artwork. Passersby will not miss your logos, taglines, and images when they are this crisp and vibrant! Our wedge sign holders with printing come in a variety of sizes to suit any commercial venue. Place our poster stands in high-traffic areas and visitors will see your message on two sides. Our wedge sign holders with printing include a customizable foam board where graphics are printed. Assembly is easy: the rigid panel gets inserted into a metal clamp base and screwed in. In one easy step your marketing display is good to go! Trying to hold the line on spending this year? Our wedge sign holders are more affordable than a-frame and swinger-style enclosures. Anyone of any size can move these lightweight poster stands around a large conference space or fair ground, no problem. The steel base anchors the presentation to keep it upright when people whoosh by — or when there’s a gentle breeze out of doors.

Poster Stand with Printed Message What are the notable features of these poster stands?
  • Our wedge sign holders with printing are comprised of rigid foam core in white or black and a sturdy metal base. The base adjusts to be able to position the board properly with included screws.
  • These displays are printed in full color with custom text and graphics on both sides. Images are crisp and clear and easy to spot across a large venue. UV technology produces high resolution graphics that pop. Our artwork is produced on a flatbed in-house.
  • A sturdy steel clamp base is available in silver or black. It is adjustable so the sign can be repositioned in its holder as needed in small and large rooms or patches of grass or pavement. Hardware is included to make it all that much easier!
  • We offer four standard panel sizes for reaching both small and large audiences: 18 x 24 , 24 x 36, 30 x 40, and 40 x 60

We are proud to be able to offer flat bed UV digital printing to our customers in-house. With a UV curing process, this technology produces high quality, memorable images. Artwork and text can be printed in full color on many different fabricated displays. This printed advertising signage is built to last. Graphics hold up over time as well.

Our holders load from the top making sign updates quick and easy. Nothing grabs a new customer like vibrant logos, taglines and graphics! This freestanding sign is an affordable way to advertise your business or organization. Check out too see more floor standing holders with customized graphics. Ask our customer care team about timelines to get your order to you - we ship in a super-timely fashion!

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