Custom Printed Floor Standing Acrylic Sign Stands with UV Printing

Custom Printed Freestanding Acrylic Signage Towers for Wayfinding and Advertising

Looking for an effective way to advertise or show notices to passersby, especially in high traffic locations? Custom printed floor standing acrylic sign stands project information in an impactful way to potential customers or people passing by your business. These towers can be used in various commercial environments as a means of promoting products or services or for displaying wayfinding material and notices. Floor standing acrylic sign stands are sleek and modern. Each unit has clean edges and an overall crisp appearance that really lets the signage itself be the focal point. Users can always have peace of mind that each unit is made of the highest quality material. Choose an acrylic floor stand to enhance your business’ promotional presence or offer a helping hand with wayfinding information.

What are some key attributes of these freestanding acrylic signage stands?
  • Custom printed floor standing acrylic sign stands are available in sizes of 10.5” x 9”, 11” x 46”, and 22” x 28”. Customers can choose from a design where the graphics encompass the whole panel or ones where the image is just covering the top half. The panels with your customized artwork can be inserted using stainless steel screw caps or magnetic enclosure buttons located on the floor stand.
  • Custom printed floor standing acrylic sign stands
  • Each tower is double-sided, so passersby can have a clear view of your message regardless of the direction they’re coming from. It’s important to have clear, visible signage - especially when it’s a promotion for your store or important wayfinding information for people to adhere to.
  • Customers send us the artwork they’d like to see on the freestanding signage tower and we’ll make sure it’s exactly what they want. We have a UV printer to create the vivid graphics for each signage holder. This process features full-color, photographic-quality reproductions that are printed on the backside of each panel. UV-printed graphics are fade-resistant and durable. Therefore, this printing process is used for producing high-resolution signage for high traffic locations.
  • Some models have pockets for brochure holders on either side of the display. This comes in handy for those advertising a product or service. Customers can view the vivid signage and then have take-away material to keep them informed after they leave your store. Businesses can also use these literature holders to give away coupons or promotions.
  • Looking to update your message? Don’t worry about purchasing a brand-new unit, we sell replacement graphics to make that job easier. This is a great option for customers who find themselves constantly updating or switching out their signage. This can be seasonal sales, new products, or updated menus.

Regardless if you plan on using this fixture for promotional or informational purposes, it will be an impactful tool in your arsenal. With your personal artwork, we’ll be able to bring your message to life and have it displayed effectively. Let Displays2go help you catapult your brand and have a positive impact on your business!

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